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Summer of Stars 

Application for Summer of Stars festival

why did i choose this project?

I chose to work on the summer of stars project because it is one that is close to me, as I live in Mitzpe.

The festival is a wonderful event and I was happy to be able to upgrade user experiences in it. I had already been the creative director for the festival, so I understand more or less how things were being handled.

The Summer of Stars festival is a festival that takes place each year in Mitzpe Ramon.

In 2017, Mitzpe Ramon was declared an international starlight reserve and joined a closed club of 54 places in the world where there is regulation to minimize light damage. The sky is open and the astronomy scene in the area is growing year by year.

The festival takes place during the summer and attracts thousands of families from all over the country. Visitors to the festival enjoy subsidized tickets for a variety of activities. The festival attracts tourists from all over the country and helps businesses reach a national consciousness and leverages businesses in Mitzpe Ramon.

the brand


  • To make sure that the festival is accessible to everybody

  • That there will be enough darkness all around so that the stars will be seen clearly

  • To make sure that the children are engaged and interested in all of the astronomical material 

  • For people to be able to get around the festival easily and to be able to enjoy everything it has to offer

מוקאפ_17 copy.png



  • I personally sought out to fix the issues with the festival by coming up with the idea for an app.

  • The navigation in the interactive game allows you to get acquainted with the space. Use of personal cell phones to connect to what is happening in the space .

  • The nature and wording of the questions encourages learning through challenge and an active search for answers to space-related questions. 

  • The way that the interactive game works will create a way for children to use QR code scanning technology to get around the festival and answer thought provoking questions.

  • The astronomical material is not adapted to the variety of children and ages who came to the festival. 

  • Some were quickly bored by the astronomical activities, and were not always able to keep track of the scientific information.

  • Visitors wrote in the feedback that it was difficult for them to understand what existed in each area and how to get around the district.


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