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An interactive app for skill device

why did i choose this project?

I chose Pindaloo after interviewing businesses for my final project. I chose them because they work in international markets, have clear business goals based on solid data.

My job in the project was to select the business, interview the functionaries regarding the toy/the audience, and to conduct research of customer responses and usage observation. Their previous issue was that the company was looking for a way to advance their sales and increase user interaction. By inserting myself, I helped the development of this application. 

The Pindaloo is an innovative juggling game designed for ages 9 and up. It is simple in its essence, but still has key qualities that make it stand out. It does not depend on the screen or a working Internet connection.

Pindaloo is a coach for success as it develops motor skills and hand-eye contact coordination, which is important for all users no matter their ages, although the main target audience is users aged 9-25. The app is still in progress, but in hopes of coming to fruition in the near future.

the brand


  • Enter the American market for a more mature target audience

  • By the end of 2021 to earn over two million dollars for development. 

  • Remove dependence on external platforms: Amazon, Tik Tok, etc. 

  • Have the app explain the message of the product.

Below is an explanation of 2 main personas. The first persona is the main user of the app, he is the one who is going to play and enjoy the product. The second persona is the main buyer of the app, she is not going to use the app but she is the one who is going to purchase it.

                 Andrew Adams, 13

                 Minneapolis, Michigan, USA


Interests: Ball games, computer games, social networks

Desire: To need social approval and recognition, to be up to date on everything new, to strengthen his self-confidence.

Pain Points: Quickly gets bored, fears that what is cool in his eyes will not be cool in the eyes of his friends.

Goals: To belong socially, to be popular, to find games and cool things that will sweep his classmates.


                 Jill Adams, 46, Andrew's Mother

                 Minneapolis, Michigan, USA 

Interests: Watching TV series, cooking shows, buying things for the home, meeting with family, chatting with friends.

Pain Points: Divides her time between household chores and work, feels guilty that she does not spend enough time with her children, develops a career only to make money, has a desire for contentment.

Goals: To give children a good education, to make time for herself, to manage her time on her own regardless of external factors.


user persona


  • An app based on a smart card and sensor linked to social networks

  • R.F.I.D technology based

  • A sensor that measures game progress

  • Encouraging motivation through competitive challenge games and instructional videos divided into different difficulty levels

  • The website, the marketing set-up and the product cover do not convey the innovative message of the product

  • There is no platform that is directly linked to Pindaloo

  • Constant difficulty in using the product: Lacks a sense of challenge



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