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Haberech Pub Mitzpe Ramon 

Sales App For a Local Bar

why did i choose this project?

I chose Pub Haberech because they are already part of my work and I was very interested in working with methodologies that I learned in characterizing user experiences. This project allowed me to open another channel of response, one which is not obvious, in directions not thought of before.

Pub Haberech is a local pub located in the heart of the artists' quarter of Mitzpe Ramon, and has a light and eclectic food menu.

The pub is a place that hosts culinary entrepreneurs from Mitzpe Ramon in a pop-up format, has great music, and is a hotspot for all kinds of creativity. The pub also hosts great parties and tons of annual events in the town.

the brand


  • To improve overall experience in the pub 

  • Increase efficiency in the order process to make things easier for both the wait staff and the kitchen staff 

  • Each customer should be able to have access to the story of the pub so that they can optimally experience the atmosphere and conditions.

  • Use of technology will position the restaurant as a place that sets standards in the restaurant industry in the country and improves customer experiences.

  • Customers (even regulars) are not always connected to the unique story of the bar and the added value it has. 

  • The waiter arrives at the computer with several orders in mind (and sometimes may forget some) typing them all together which creates pressure in the kitchen and bar.

  • Long wait time.



  • Allows to invite a waiter to the table for a consultation, a waiter does not approach a table that is not yet ready to order

  • The site interfaces with the ordering software, which makes it possible to obtain efficiency indicators for the restaurant

  • The site created will be able to have users interact with the pub's interface hands on and be ‘in charge’ of everything going on.

                  Itai ,26

                  music student

Plays guitar and saxophone. Has been in Mitzpe Ramon 2 years, and is originally from Jerusalem.

Sells homemade hummus once a week and plans to fly to India after school.

Areas of interest: Music, books, cinema, spirituality, environmental questions, dogs, gender equality, traveling the world, performing, and recording.

Goals: To find his way in the world, to adopt alternative ways of thinking, to express himself and his individuality without feeling lonely,and to meet inspiring people.

Pain Points: Looking for his way in life, unable to carry out all his projects, pressure from external factors to "get going" already, hypersensitivity in matters of society, consumerism, and politics, not enough desire to cook and clean the house and help parents pay for rent.

Passion: A desire to leave a meaningful and creative imprint on the world, to produce meaningful connections, to express his creativity.


                  Rona, 42

An independent psychologist from Ramat Hasharon, volunteers at the Association for the Prevention of Violence against Women.

Married to Yoav, and has two daughters, ages 5 and 8.

Areas of interest: Home design, reading professional literature, healthy relationships, good parenting, watercolor painting, catching up with friends, cooking healthy, traveling in nature / the world, Pilates / yoga, having fun with family and children.

Pain Points: She lives with a feeling of pressure and a fear of missing out, that she does not have enough time to do things she wants, that she does not have enough passion.

Passions: Do routine-breaking things, go on vacation, relish and experience more peace in life.

Objectives: Higher social status, to develop herself at work, to do special things with the family, to contribute to society.


user persona


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