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This is me


I am an aspiring UX (user experience) writer and designer with an enthusiasm for problem-solving and a healthy drive for excellence. I am passionate about applying strategy, design, and analytics towards top-level user experience. I believe that the best way to grow is to continue to learn, adapt to emerging challenges, and collaborate with talented people - in my experience the greatest achievements are always a team effort.

My first steps in the career world consisted of working in administration positions in law firms. Later, I completed a B.A at the multidisciplinary program of the arts at TLV University, and practiced Visual Arts at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. In addition, I studied UX through the Israel Innovation Authority. Following my studies I was in charge of the culture field at the Mitzpe Ramon Municipality. Afterwards I worked as a freelance art manager and event producer. 

My UX studies equipped me with the ability to design top level solutions and stay at the forefront of all the latest trends. During this past year, I established my own company in digital marketing and business consulting for businesses in Mitzpe Ramon. Whether it’s through shaping and producing events, addressing issues and business pain points and providing my clients with up to date ideas that help propel their businesses forward. From the initial strategy, to the final outcome.

The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness."
- Joan Miró



I chose Pindaloo after interviewing businesses for my final project.

I chose them because they work in international markets, have clear business goals based on solid data. My job in the project was to select the business, interview the functionaries regarding the toy/the audience, and to conduct research of customer responses and usage observation. Their previous issue was that the company was looking for a way to advance their sales and increase user interaction. By inserting myself , I helped the development of this application. 


Summer of Stars

In the Summer of Stars a few years ago, I managed the artistic content of the festival, and returned in 2021 to do so once again.

I chose Summer of the Stars and Haberech Pub because they are already part of my work and I was very interested in working with methodologies that I learned in characterizing user experiences. These projects allowed me to open another channel of response, one which is not obvious, in directions not thought of before

מוקאפ כוכבים.png

A Local Bar In The Desert

Pub Haberech is an interactive pub located in the Negev. One of the things that came up in working with them is the desire to streamline work and improve service. I analyzed the place, the target audiences, built personas and found a solution in the form of a website that combines all details about the place. Access to the menu via QR code and online order that will go straight to the kitchen and bar that would be available in the app. 

It was very important to characterize a language for it because at this point we decided to go for the idea of ​​QR code without ordering. It turns out that Facebook has a feature that meets this need at the moment. We are trying it out and will see how it works as we continue to develop the design of the site. 


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